New for Fall 2006


IM service launched; Library renos and moves; new Library materials

1) IM– We’ve introduced IM a Librarian, an instant message service. If you have a question about using library resources or finding a fact, this gives you another way to contact us (in addition to visiting us in person, phoning us, or emailing us). Did you know that, in 2005, 84% of high school students in Canada reported using IM every day? These are our new students, so why not try IM and see how they prefer communicating?

2) Moves and Renovations– It’s the fourth year in the “new” Library, and it’s already reno time! We’ve renovated to add more office spaces to accommodate faculty and staff from other areas of the College. Now located in the Library are the TLTC and the Faculty Resource Centre. In addition, many of the Library faculty and staff have moved offices, so you may have to search around to find the person you’re looking for.

3) New Library materials – Check out the New Books page for the latest listing of, well, new books, and other Library stuff (videos, DVDs, e-books, etc.).

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