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Be the first to know when there’s a new post on our Library blog (and all those other blogs you’ve already discovered, or are soon to discover), by using a blog subscription tool, also known as a news feed reader or a news aggregator. (Look for “Subscribe!” on the sidebar of this page.)

Why the heck do you want to do this? To save time, of course! Instead of having to visit 10 different blogs to see what’s new, you can visit one site, your aggregator of choice, and see at a glance which ones have new posts. Wikipedia says “aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or ‘personal newspaper.'” (While you’re at the Wikipedia site, check out their list of aggregators at the bottom of this article.)

How can you get started? Choose an aggregator, set up an account, and start adding feeds to your account. I use and recommend Bloglines. It’s free and it’s easy. 

The Ontario Library and Information Technology Association has published their RSS Toolkit, which goes into greater detail about this technology and how to get started. 


2 Responses to “be the first to know…”

  1. fun with feeds « biblioTECH Says:

    […] with feeds An earlier post mentioned using a news feed or aggregator to subscribe to our blog. Another neat thing you can do […]

  2. Check What’s New in the Library « biblioTECH Says:

    […] If you use a news aggregator (e.g. bloglines) you can also subscribe to these lists and have them sent to you as feeds. Simply click on the orange button beside the feed that you would like to get and copy the url into your news aggregator. If you need help setting up a feed please contact us or refer to our previous post “be the first to know…”. […]

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