Finding Information Becomes Fun!


Finding information has always been fun for librarians, but we know that you may not always find it so thrilling. That is why we are sure you will be thrilled by Xreferplus – a new electronic reference resource available from the library. It is easy (and some would say fun) to use and is full of reliable information for you and your students.

Xreferplus is a search engine (like Google), but rather than searching the entire Internet it searches full-text content from hundreds of reference books. It contains reference information on everything from art to philosophy to food. It also contains image and audio files as well as international statistics and census data.

If you want to have fun next time you are looking for information then check out Xreferplus. You can find the link on our website under eResources.

One Response to “Finding Information Becomes Fun!”

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    […] answers at your fingertips We’ve talked about this great tool before, but Xrefer+ has changed its name to Crdo Reference, so now we get to talk about it […]

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