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Check What’s New in the Library

January 22, 2007

Did you know that we provide a fast and easy way for you to check what new items are being added to the library collection?

Visit the Current Awareness Tools area of the library’s website and you will find two different links that can help you. You can either select the Red Deer College link and that will take you to a list of new items in Red Deer College in all subject areas, or you can select the New Items by Subject or Call Number link. This link will allow you to see all the items specific to the subject that you choose and will include new titles from all of the NEOS libraries.

If you use a news aggregator (e.g. bloglines) you can also subscribe to these lists and have them sent to you as feeds. Simply click on the orange button beside the feed that you would like to get and copy the url into your news aggregator. If you need help setting up a feed please contact us or refer to our previous post “be the first to know…”.

We will also put regular postings on biblioTECH to remind you to check the new items links.

Happy reading!

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2007

Welcome back from the Christmas break.

Are you ready for the new term? Are your students?

The library can help you increase the information literacy skills of your students, showing them that there‚Äôs more to doing research than typing their topic into a Google search box. (more…)