New Group Work Software in the Library


Do you ask your students to work on group projects? Check out new software available in the Library.

From February until the end of the winter term, the Library is trialing a new piece of software that will allow students to collaborate in a new way. TeamSpot allows a group of students to connect many laptops together so that they can:
• Develop a document on a common screen by editing from laptops
• Easily move files between laptops by dragging and dropping
• Copy and paste URLs, images, or text snippets across laptops
• Easily discover and share online materials and real-time data
• Automatically create a take-away archive of shared information
• Work on parallel tasks and then rapidly integrate the results

TeamSpot promises to dramatically change the group collaboration dynamic by lowering barriers to interaction, increasing productivity, and actively engaging the team.

How can you introduce your students to TeamSpot? The software has been installed in one of the Library’s group study rooms. Groups of students can sign up to use the room for up to 2 hours a day. Sign up sheets are available in the Library.

If this seems like a piece of software that could be useful to your students, please encourage them to try it out and provide us with some feedback.

For more information on TeamSpot, visit their website.

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