New E-Books!


If you like reading e-books, then your day just got a bit better.

The Humanities E-Book (HEB) Collection has just added 138 new titles – including 66 Women’s Studies books. This means that RDC students and faculty now have access to 1507 titles via the HEB Collection.

All titles in the HEB Collection are chosen by scholars based on their importance to teaching and research. For more information on the project and new titles, you can read their newsletter.

There are two ways that you can access the HEB titles:

  • These titles will show up in a regular search of the library catalogue. They are identified with the term [electronic resource] after the title.
  • You can search the HEB databse directly via a link at the bottom of the Books & Media page on the library website.

If you need help accessing these titles you can always call the Library Information Desk (403-342-3152).

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