Tune In to Test Your IQ


What are you doing Sunday night?

Why not find out how smart you really are?

On Sunday, March 18, CBC will host a 2-hour, live and interactive National IQ test called Test the Nation.

You can do the test yourself online or you can print off the paper version. You can also follow the competition between the 6 teams that will be tested on the show. The 6 teams of 36 include:

  • Mayors (including Red Deer’s own Morris Flewwelling)
  • Tattoo artists
  • Millionaires
  • Fitness instructors
  • Radio DJs
  • Surgeons

Librarians were barred from participating because contest organizers knew we would beat everybody else (ha!ha!).

Here are some fun facts from the Test the Nation website that may whet your appetite for the competition:

  • Women with a higher IQ are 40% less likely to marry.
  • Although IQ correlates with school performance and job performance, it does not correlate very much with personal income. The best estimate available suggests that IQ explains less than 1/6 of the variance in income.
  • Estimated IQ for Madonna: 140
  • Estimated IQ for Richard Nixon: 143

So, tune in and (if you are feeling brave) post your own score in a comment here on BiblioTECH, so we can see how smart RDC is compared to the rest of the nation.


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