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December 20, 2007

What role does technology really play in the lives of our students, especially when it comes to education?

“A Vision of Students Today,” a short video available on YouTube, summarizes some of the most important characteristics of students today – how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and what kinds of changes they will experience in their lifetime. Created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University. Food for thought…

For a more academic take on the interplay among students, technology, and education, take a look at the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2007. The study, which reports noticeable changes from previous years, is based on quantitative data from a spring 2007 survey and interviews with 27,846 students at 103 higher education institutions. It focuses on what kinds of information technologies these students use, own, and experience; their technology behaviors, preferences, and skills; how IT impacts their experiences in their courses; and their perceptions of the role of IT in the academic experience.