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Help your students tap into their critical thinking skills

January 22, 2008

“Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use, and communicate it in an ethical manner 1.”

Are your students feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their research assignments?  Why not bring them to the library for an introductory or refresher class this semester? (more…)

Do your students need help with citations?

January 14, 2008

If you have students who need help with citations, let them know about these free workshops, coming up at the Library. (more…)

A library with EVERY book

January 8, 2008

“What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book—a key part of our planet’s cultural legacy.” That’s the goal of The Open Library.

Take a guided tour of The Open Library to learn more about what it is and how it works. The site is in its early stages, but maybe it will take off!