One person’s experience with web publishing


A recent article on Inside Higher Ed describes one person’s experience with web publishing.

Professor Douglas Amy had written a new book, Government is Good – one that, he felt, would appeal to a broader market than his previously published academic books. He had difficulty, though, in finding a mainstream publisher. So, he decided to publish the book himself on the web.

He was pleased with many aspects of his web publishing experience:

  • his book found a larger readership, and one that was more geographically diverse, than his previous books
  • he appreciated the opportunity to receive feedback from his readers
  • web traffic software allowed him to track and follow conversations people were having on the web about his work – a kind of “fly on the wall” situation
  • he had the ability to find out which parts of the book were being read the most
  • it is easier for other academics to use his work in their courses – no permissions, no copyright fees, no library reserves
  • he has been able to rewrite and update sections

After describing his expereince, he offers practical tips for others who may want to consider publishing their own material on the web. While this may not be a solution for everyone, it’s an intriguing idea, and perhaps worth a try?


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