APA Style Manual Corrections


APA has made a number of corrections to the 6th edition, a complete list of which is available on their website , along with new sample papers. While most of the changes are relatively minor, a few corrections are quite significant in terms of formatting.  Please take a look and update the information you’ve given to students as soon as possible.  For official information from APA regarding the corrections, please see their blog.

As you are probably aware, the Library has created an online guide to provide extensive assistance to APA users.   This guide has been updated to reflect the relevant corrections.  We have also updated our popular APA handout. The updated handout is available for downloading from the online guide, or is available in print in the Library.

If you have brought your students to the Library this fall for instruction in using APA 6th Edition, the librarian who worked with your students would be happy to visit your class and go through the most significant changes.  This visit likely won’t take more than about 15 minutes; please contact the relevant librarian if you’re interested.

Please contact your Liaison Librarian if you require more information about APA 6th Edition.


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