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Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

December 15, 2009

Will prickly pear cactus cure a hangover?  Will lavender mist help you sleep?  Is having a grapefruit with your morning coffee a good idea? The RDC Library’s Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database can help answer these questions and more.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database is a wealth of evidence-based information about the possible interactions between foods, natural remedies and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as providing information on what remedies may or may not be effective in treating a variety of ailments.

Features include a Natural Product/Drug Interaction Checker, and a Natural Product Effectiveness Checker.

From their website:

“Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database approaches the subject of natural medicines from a completely objective and unbiased perspective. It seeks to answer questions about natural medicines by systematically identifying, evaluating, and applying scientific information. As a result, it curtails perpetuation of myths and age-old beliefs and replaces them with reliable scientific data.”

How to Find Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database through the Library:

* From The Loop, click on the Library tab
* In the Find Your Subject column, click on Health & Human Services, then Pharmacy
* On the Pharmacy subject guide, click on Find Articles
* Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database is listed under Pharmacy Article databases

Look up your everyday medication or favourite remedy.  You may be surprised!