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CDL vs. NPG: who’s in the wrong?

July 6, 2010

The California Digital Library (at the University of California) and Nature Publishing Group are in a battle with words after NPG decided to increase the price of the University’s licence for Nature journals by 400%. This means that the average subscription cost per Nature journal would increase from $4465 to $17479, which would result in a total increase of over one million dollars for Nature’s 67 journals.

In a letter to UC Divisional Chairs and Members of the UC Faculty, CDL proposed a systemwide boycott of Nature’s journals if the publishers are not willing to maintain the licence agreement that currently exists between NPG and CDL. The proposed boycott would involve suspending online subscriptions to Nature journals at UC libraries and strongly encouraging faculty to decline to peer review for and submit papers to Nature journals, to resign from NPG editorial/advisory boards, to cease to advertise new employment positions at UC in Nature journals, and to encourage colleagues outside UC to do the same.