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Open Access Week

October 25, 2011

Open Access WeekOctober 24-30 is Open Access Week!

Visit our Open Guide to learn about Open Access, Open Culture, Open Education, and Open Source.

This international event recognizes and promotes publishing initiatives that make scholarly research accessible online to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

This is accomplished through Open Access (OA) journals, institutional repositories, self-archiving and a lot of hard work by academics, librarians and a variety of others who argue that free, universal access to research is a right, not a pricey privilege.

The following animated video (3:16) explains open access to research and why it’s important:

Your Library: A Place Unbound

October 14, 2011

Canadian Library Month 2011Innovative.

Canada’s libraries are evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly information-driven society.

In October, this evolution is celebrated during Canadian Library Month. The theme, Your Library, A Place Unbound, highlights the shift to innovations such as digital and downloadable books, music, movies, electronic databases, gaming and reaching out to library users via social media.

Today, there are over 22,000 libraries in incredibly diverse Canadian communities, from major metropolitan areas to towns and rural hamlets, from research-intensive universities to colleges of art and design. (By comparison, there are just over 3,000 Tim Hortons stores in Canada.)

Learn more about Canadian Library Month.