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Another Reason to Read

March 21, 2012

Last week’s edition of the New York Times Sunday Review had a very interesting article on what happens to your brain when you read fiction.  The article quotes a number of studies that found, among other things:

  • When we read a word with scent associations, like cinnamon, both the language-processing and smell-processing areas of our brains are stimulated.  The same is true for texture and movement.
  • “Individuals who frequently read fiction seem to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them and see the world from their perspective.”

Take a look at the article, then check out RDC’s library catalogue to find a new work of fiction to stimulate your brain!

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Encyclopedia Britannica Stops the Press, Goes Digital

March 14, 2012

After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica is stopping the press, and will publish only online editions of its 32-volume encyclopedia set.

“The final decision to put it all online makes sense, of course. It’s costly and painstaking to produce a new edition of an enormous print product, a cultural symbol though it may be; meanwhile, a database is boundless and can be continually updated (and corrected) for relative peanuts. The company will concentrate on digital publishing and educational products, developing apps to make sure it’s everywhere you want to be. The brand may become the equivalent of Wikipedia with fact-checking: Britannica Online allows readers to revise its entries “which are then published after editorial review and revision if necessary.” Time NewsFeed

Luckily for RDC students and instructors, RDC Library already subscribes to the online edition!

To access this wonderful resource, visit any of our Subject Guidesthen go to the Find Background Info page, and look for the General Encyclopedias & Dictionaries box.

A New Kind of Library

March 8, 2012

Columbia architecture grad John Locke is conducting an experiment on the streets of New York City, setting up impromptu libraries in phone booths.  So far he’s set up two, but has plans for several more.  Check out the photos, read the interview, and then tell us what you think.  Is this a good idea?

Ease Your Pain in March with an E-Book!

March 1, 2012

student with booksTired of the back pain caused by hauling heavy textbooks and library books around?

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