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Community Access Program Funding Cut in Recent Budget

April 18, 2012

The library world has been buzzing over the last couple of weeks because of the recently announced cut to the Community Access Program, a federal program that provided funding for public internet access.  Because much of the public internet access takes place in public libraries, this cut directly affects programming in public libraries across the country.

To get a sense of the conversation, here are a couple of reactions to the cuts, including an official statement from the Canadian Library Association:

The federal government has been fairly quiet in response to the reaction from libraries, but this 2009 report from Industry Canada, Final Evaluation of the Community Access Program, provides some sense of their thinking behind the cuts.

Take a look at the links above, and then let us know what you think about this budget cut.

For those of you curious about how books are (or used to be) made…

April 10, 2012

Glen Milner has made a lovely 2 minute video showing the printing of a book from start to finish.  I was fascinated at how much of it is done by hand.  Enjoy!

Human Learning Library

April 2, 2012

Real Educators. Real Conversations. Real Learning.

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 check out a book from the
Human Learning Library.

This unique event, hosted by RDC Library, features a collection of “human books” that are experts in the Red Deer educational community.

Be a “reader” and check them out to learn about different approaches to teaching and learning.

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Don’t Fall Overboard in April…

April 1, 2012

Take a Trip on Career Cruising!

Career Cruising gives you what you need to plan your future:

  • Information on being anything from a Tattoo Artist to an Ecologist
  • Descriptions of programs and training opportunities at colleges and universities across Canada
  • Assessments to help you discover the best career for you
  • Job search advice

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