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Micromedex 2.0 for Pharmacy & Nursing Programs

August 21, 2012


Red Deer College has participated in the Micromedex® Solutions Academic Program for several years now. This has been provided by Thomson Reuters to faculty and students of Healthcare educational programs. This excellent resource can be found on both the Pharmacy and Nursing guides.

Check it out:

On behalf of the Micromedex® Solutions Academic Program from Truven Health, I would like to formally welcome your new and returning students back to school for another wonderful and exciting year as they work toward the significant goal of becoming practicing clinicians. In support of this goal, we would like to remind you that your students and faculty have FREE and unlimited access for teaching purposes to the industry-leading evidence-based clinical content in Micromedex 2.0.

Our Academic Subscription provides summary and in-depth information for:

  •          drug
  •          disease
  •          toxicology
  •          alternative medicine
  •          lab content

Key tools include:

  •          patient counseling for medications, procedures, and conditions
  •          Trissel’s 2TM IV Compatibility
  •           Clinical Calculators
  •          Drug Interactions screening

Free Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices:

  •          Micromedex Drug Information
  •          Micromedex Drug Interactions
  •          Micromedex IV Compatibility

(See mobileMicromedex® link located at the top of the Micromedex 2.0 page)

Please help your students make the most of their learning experience by sharing this information with them.

Updates to the ARTstor Digital Library

August 13, 2012

After the sceduled update to ARTstor Digital Library, users will see some upper-level enhancements to this resource. New changes  include:

  1. Password-protected folders that have been unlocked by a user will now be easily found in their own upper-level category, Unlocked Folders, instead of in the list of Institutional Folders.
  2. Another new upper-level category has been introduced: Global Folders, which currently contains Featured Groups, including Art History Topics, Interdisciplinary Topics, and Travel Awards.
  3. The Help button has been moved to the main navigation bar.

After this update, some users may find that they cannot see their folders or image groups; clearing the browser cache should resolve the issue. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this on our help wiki.