From the Suggestion Box: “Quiet Area” not so quiet


You said:

I am a returning student this year and I have found that the “quiet area” on the east side of the second level does not have enough signage to keep it a quiet study area. I don’t think that the first year students realize that this is meant for the ones who need to concentrate while reading or studying. It would be really nice to see some of the same things as last year, a white board informing students that this is a quiet area, and/or little quiet area notices on the desks, these nice little reminders seemed to help with the chatter last year.

We said:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We usually roll out our awareness campaign throughout the term … we start with the little “quiet” tentcards, then later on, we add the whiteboard notice for more emphasis. Then, at the end of term, when people are studying for finals, we add a more strongly-worded whiteboard message.

Since the area is loud already (wow, it’s only the second week of classes!), we’ll get those tentcards out tonight. The whiteboard will probably get put out around midterms (mid-October-ish), or sooner if we (or you!) notice the need.

As a returning student, you probably know that you can let other students know that they’re in a quiet space, or remind them to take their conversations, phone calls, etc. to another area. If you are not comfortable doing this, or if it has been unsuccessful, please feel free to approach a staff member to help you out.

Thanks for using our new online suggestion box!


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