From the Suggestion Box: “Quiet Area” still not quiet


You said:

“Would like to see more signs in the quiet area some people insist on talking on cell phones chatting with others and just being disruptive thanks :)”

We said:

You’ve probably noticed that we posted tentcards in the area about a month ago. We know from past practice and from research that more signs and/or bigger signs are not the answer to changing behaviours. What works best is the personal touch, and the most effective way that’s accomplished is through peer-to-peer interaction. So, if you are in the quiet zone and you hear people talking on their cellphone or chatting with their friend, then the most effective way to change that behaviour is for you, as their peer, to remind them that they are in a quiet area and that all conversations need to occur away from that space.

We recognize, of course, that sometimes people are not comfortable approaching another student or a group, and in these cases the staff are ready to assist. You can text us at 403-800-8945 to let us know there’s an issue requiring our attention (this is a local number, but regular rates apply as per your contract) or come down to one of the service desks on the main floor and speak to the staff.

We also plan to increase our staff presence in the quiet zone, on a random basis, to curb the behaviour.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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