From the Suggestion Box: “Quiet Area” still an issue


You said:

“Help!!! Need to do something to make people stop chatting in person and on cell phones in the quiet area unstairs. Some of us come here just for the fact that we have nowhere else that we can go for some quiet time to study :(”

We said:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our quiet zone upstairs has been problematic this year, and we’re not really sure why.

We have placed “quiet” tentcards on the tables as reminders. We also regularly monitor the area to try to be proactive in our response. However, we understand that there is still an issue in this area.

By next week, we will place a whiteboard message near the top of the stairs leading to the east side, so that all people entering the space will know that the entire upper east side is a quiet zone. We have found the whiteboard to be a good reminder in the past, and we hope that it will be as effective this year.

Of course, we always encourage students to speak directly to their peers, as this is extremely effective. For example, you can remind the student who is not being quiet that they are in the quiet zone, or remind them to take their conversations, phone calls, etc. to another area. We recognize that not everyone is comfortable doing this, or sometimes a student has done this but it has not made a difference. In these cases, of course you can approach a staff member to help you out, or text us at 403-800-8945 (local call, but your standard text message rates will apply) to let us know there’s a problem, and we’ll send a staff member upstairs to deal with the situation.

Thanks for the comment!



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