A Question of Space



Earlier this month, we used our whiteboard to ask RDC students, staff, and faculty to tell us what they like best about our Library space, and what they would like to change. We were overwhelmed with the number and variety of responses we received! THANK YOU!

In the “like” column, we heard how much you liked our couches, our space, our art, and our helpful staff (THANKS!). You like that this is a place you can have a nap or a study before class, our BYOD stations, and that there’s a lot of great people watching. You like all the great stuff you can sign out- especially our skeleton and bones.

There are things you aren’t crazy about, either.  You’d like to see more computers (and you want them to work), and the quiet study area to be quiet.  You would like to see printers and a fountain upstairs, and a microwave close by.  You would like to see more areas to do group work, and more room for art. 

 Feedback like this helps inform plans about how Library space is designed and renovated.

We thank you for all your comments and suggestions, and stay tuned for more opportunities to provide feedback to RDC Library!



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