From the Suggestion Box: concern about the “Quiet Area”


You said:

“Perhaps circulating the library in the quiet areas (that aren’t always so quiet) would contribute to better concentration on my behalf. As a parent, it’s futile to try and do homework in a noisy house so I come here to make the most of my time. I’m getting tired of people coming here in a pair or group to work on a project (more so discuss their personal lives). This is by far the noisiest library I’ve ever been to and it’s not just myself that says that.”

We said:

We appreciate your feedback on our Quiet Area.

Staff endeavour to monitor the area about once an hour during the day, as well as a couple of times during evenings and weekends (we are lightly staffed at these times, so the monitoring is less frequent). However, sometimes we are too busy on the service desks to leave the desk and go upstairs, so please be aware that the frequency will vary.

When we monitor the area, we are looking specifically for anyone who is talking, and they will be asked to move to another area.

If you require assistance outside of our monitoring, feel free to:
•    speak to a staff member at one of our service desks, asking them to deal with the issue
•    text us at 403.800.8945 (local call; standard rates apply), asking us to deal with the issue
•    approach the student(s) yourself and ask them to move to another area




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