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Refworks Update

April 24, 2013

Starting September 2013, RDC Library will no longer subscribe to Refworks.

If you currently use Refworks and wish to retain your existing references you will need to either export the information so it can be uploaded into a different bibliographic citation manager or continue with a paid individual subscription to Refworks.  (more…)

Digital Public Library of America

April 19, 2013

If you’re looking to take a quick studying or marking break as final exams wind down, consider wandering over to the shiny, new Digital Public Library of America.  The site opened yesterday (a ceremony marking the event that was to be held at the Boston Public Library, the very first public library that opened in the US, was unfortunately postponed due to the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath) and is a remarkable partnership that is attempting to provide digital access to the collections of libraries, archives, and museums throughout the United States.

You can search the site by topic, or explore based on date, place, or exhibition.  There are also a number of apps already available, and they’re encouraging the development of more.

Have fun, but be warned – you could lose hours exploring this site!


April 5, 2013

I read an insightful post recently on one of my favourite library blogs- In The Library with the Lead Pipe on eBooks, and this idea that if librarians are fed up with all of the different platforms used in the eBook world, we should create an “aggregated eBook reading app”.  A wonderful idea, to be sure.  Do you read eBooks? Do you use RDC Library’s eBook collection? Our eBooks can be found using the library catalogue (limit to eBooks if that’s all you want to see!). Let us know what you think- and feel free to ask us if you have any questions of comments.