From the Suggestion Box: “Please reinstate former hours”


You said:
“I would appreciate if the library could reinstate its former longer hour as it was more convenient for my life and I don’t have access to software at home.”

We said:

Thank you for your feedback about our recent change to library hours.

As you may know, Alberta post-secondary institutions were faced with an unexpected and unprecedented 7.3% decrease in operating grants from the Alberta government in spring 2013. At RDC, this meant a $6 million funding shortfall. All areas of the college were affected, including the library.

We were forced to make some hard decisions, and one of those was to reduce the hours we are open. The majority of the hours reduction affected our summer hours (which has no impact on students), but some of the reduction is occurring during the academic year, as you’ve noticed.

We are sympathetic to your situation and will use every piece of evidence we can gather to show that students want and need the hours reinstated.

You may be interested in finding out about RDC’s virtual desktop, which is a way for you to install all RDC software on your personal computer (at home). This includes the full Microsoft Office suite of products, for free. If you need to know more about this, visit our staff at the Information Desk or contact the ITS Department.

If you’re interested, visit our website for a fuller explanation of the decision we made about our hours.



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