From the Suggestion Box: “Why Did We Cut Hours?”


You Said …

“I don’t know why it would be a good idea to cut hours down, you want students to do good with their lives but you cut hours for students to study and do assignments. it makes no sense at all. Im a full time student, working with a full time job im lucky to get back to get a half hour to an hour in, we need this to stay laterrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We Said …

Thanks for your feedback on the recent change to our library hours.

As you may know, Alberta post-secondary institutions were faced with an unexpected and unprecedented 7.3% decrease in operating grants from the Alberta government in spring 2013. At RDC, this meant a $6 million funding shortfall. All areas of the college were affected, including the library.

We were forced to make some hard decisions, and one of those was to reduce the hours we are open. We tried to mitigate the impact on students as much as possible, which is why the majority of our hours reduction happened in the summer, when students are not on campus. Sadly though, we did have to reduce hours slightly during the school year, as you’ve noticed.

We are very sympathetic to your situation and will use every piece of evidence we can gather to show that students want and need the hours reinstated. We’re thrilled to have your voice to add to this conversation.

If you’re interested, visit our website for a fuller explanation of the decision we made about our hours.



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