From the Suggestion Box: Noisy Groups in the Study Rooms


You Said …

“Would it be possible to designate the West wing upstairs bookable group study rooms as ” quiet” study rooms??? At times these rooms become quite loud-especially during finals- and when asked to quiet down it does not seem to work.”

We Said …

Thanks for your comment. Our group study rooms are heavily used, especially during the day. Sometimes the groups can be quite large, resulting in noise carryover. However, no group should ever be making SO much noise that it interferes with others’ use of the space. Please feel free to approach the library staff and have them speak to the group, especially if you have already done so without success.

Regarding your specific question about designating those rooms as quiet study rooms, the answer is no. We currently have one large room that is for quiet study, and it is rarely used by even a single person. Turning more rooms into quiet study spaces, which are not in demand, would do a great disservice to the large number of groups that need space to meet and work on projects. The library (well, really, the entire campus) requires more group study space, not less.

We hope that this helps alleviate the concern, but let us know if this is an ongoing issue.



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