Celebrate Open Access Week October 21-27


Open Access Week October 21-27, 2013October 21-27 is Open Access Week

Open Access Week is an international event that promotes Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research.

This international event recognizes and promotes publishing initiatives that make scholarly research accessible online to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

This is accomplished through Open Access (OA) journals, institutional repositories, self-archiving and a lot of hard work by academics, librarians and a variety of others who argue that free, universal access to research is a right, not a pricey privilege.

Open Access Webcasts

In celebration of Open Access Week, Athabasca University is presenting a series of free noon hour webcasts exploring major issues and opportunities of Open Access and Open Educational Resources. Topics include:

  • the state of the art in the distribution of e-textbooks;
  • open access books in the K12 schools of Brazil;
  • the open access situation in Canada;
  • MOOCs and the open access movement;
  • the OER university initiative; and
  • other issues relating to Open Access internationally

For more information and links to the webcasts, visit:
Webcast Link Free Noon Hour Webcasts Schedule

Open Access Live Stream Events

Watch Open Access events live streamed from around the globe.

For more information and links to the live stream, visit:
Webcast Link Live Stream Events Schedule

Learn More

Visit the RDC Library Open Resources guide to learn more about Open Access, Open Education Resources, and Open Culture.

Ask Me About Open Access


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