100 students asked us to reinstate exam hours


100 Students Said: Please bring back extended hours during the final exam period.

We Said: Thanks to the overwhelming student feedback, extended study hours have been restored for the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 terms. The revised hours will be posted on our website soon.

More Information:
When Alberta post-secondary budgets were cut by 7.3% last spring, RDC made several difficult choices to balance its budget. One of those choices was to reduce library hours, mostly during the summer but also during the academic year and the final exam period. At that time, the Students’ Association identified this as a concern, but it wasn’t until Fall midterms came that the true impact was felt by students.

The Students’ Association Council tasked their Issues Committee to follow up on this concern. The Committee encouraged students to provide feedback to the library via our online suggestion box. 100 responses were received within 24 hours before the online suggestion box “broke” and was unable to process anymore comments.

While many students simply requested (or demanded) that library hours be restored to last year’s level, a few provided additional information about why the library is important to them and their academic success. Some of the highlights from the comments received:

  • “A library is the one most important thing in my personal opinion that makes a college whole. Everyone has a purpose for this place …”
  • “A quiet place to study, computers and other technology, helpful technicians and staff, and a large catalog of reference material are indispensable.”
  • “I do not have access to the Internet or Microsoft word at home”
  • “It’s frustrating that we don’t have the option to stay later when we need the time to study and use the computers and books and resources that the library has to offer.”
  •  “The library is the only quiet study area at the college.”
  • “There are a lot of students that live with loud roommates and the library gives them a quiet retreat away from their dorm life!”
  • “I have spent many late evenings here finishing essays that were due the next day. On weekends around final time, this is where I come…”
  • “I have been in the library many times this year where I was kicked out at 9.”
  • “It’s a quiet place where you can actually focus, I myself have stayed in the library for nearly 12 hrs during finals week.”
  • “The College needs to reconsider that these times are essential for many students to continue to study or use Library equipment.”
  • “The library is one of the only places students can study without distractions in a quiet and stress free environment!”
  • “For students of all faculties, a lot of resources are more difficult to access remotely and some may have limited to no computer access.”
  • “There are many students who cannot study at home or find it easier to meet up in the library to do projects.”
  • “cut something else, we all use the library”
  • “I don’t get out of class until 9pm twice a week and the library is closed by that time. … I understand tough cuts had to be made with the changes in the college’s budget, but cutting library hours impacts all students and I hope this change can be undone.”
  • “As someone who works three jobs and does full time studies, it is unbelievably frustrating to have to try to fit study hours in during the day instead of after work. I rely on the resources available at the college library”
  • “we really appreciate the extended hours as it eliminates the need for us to have to find a safe and quiet place to study. It’s also beneficial for students that may not have access to a computer or an internet connection.”


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