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From the Suggestion Box: Changes Suggested for the MLA Citation Guide

December 17, 2013

You Said:

Your guidelines on quoting and paraphrasing (the page found here: ) do not mention that one should maintain double-spacing in block quotes of poetry as well as prose, nor do you clearly indicate how one should use block quotes in general (introduced with a colon, the parenthetical citation coming after the final punctuation, how to handle multiple paragraphs, et cetera).

Just thought I’d point it out, since it could be misleading or at least confusing, especially since all your examples are shown single-spaced.

We Said:

Thank you for your suggestion. I had a look at that page and can see where we can make some improvements to improve clarity. The librarians will be discussing your specific points to figure out how best to explain and show this on the guide – watch for changes in the next term!

From the Suggestion Box: Library not quiet enough

December 16, 2013

You Said:

“Considering this is a library, I would like to suggest that it become a quieter place. I understand that there are specific quiet areas upstairs, but during finals week this place gets packed & its not always possible to get seats up there.”

We Said:

Thank you for your comment. We understand that this is a busy and stressful time of year, and, more than ever, people are seeking quiet space in which to study. However, other students may still have group projects to complete, or just need a place to de-stress by socializing. All of these needs co-exist in our library, and we do our best to accommodate all of them in our space.

In addition to the quiet study area on our second floor, there is also a dedicated quiet study room, 2006J. You may want to check that out if you can’t find space in the quiet study area. There are also quieter spaces on campus, such as the Cenovus Energy Learning Common (2nd floor of the Four Centres building) and the Nova Chemicals Learning Common, which is open to all students after 3pm on weekdays and all weekend.

From the Suggestion Box: Need a Baby Change Table in Men’s Washroom

December 3, 2013

You Said:
“I think it would be nice to have a change table for babies in the men’s washroom. Just in case.”

We Said:
Thank you for your suggestion. Since this is a campus facility question, we forwarded this suggestion to Campus Management. They are now aware of this request, and will decide if they wish to install a change table in a men’s washroom on campus (in the library or elsewhere). If you wish to follow up in a more formal way, contact Doug Sharp, Director of Facilities, via email at

We also discovered that there are no baby change tables in any men’s washroom on campus.