Notable New Videos in the Library


Looking for a quality documentary to watch in class or at home? Each year, the American Library Association (ALA) Video Round Table puts together a list of outstanding programs released in the last two years. From this year’s 34 nominees, 15 were chosen for the 2014 list of Notable Videos for Adults. These are films that the ALA believes make “a significant contribution to the world of video”. Here’s the full list. 

And here are the 8 Notable Videos that were added to the library’s collection this week. For now, you’ll find them on the New Books display, across from the Circulation desk.

Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry (2012) 91 minutes.  Profiles Chinese dissident artist Ai WeiWei and his mission to draw attention to political oppression in China. 

Brooklyn Castle (2012) 101 minutes.  Public school kids and educators overcome economic challenges to compete in national chess championships

The Gatekeepers (2013) 101 minutes. A glimpse into machinations of Israel’s counter-terrorism operations through unprecedented interviews with six former leaders of Shin Bet. 

The House I Live In (2013) 108 minutes.  Lays bare the social consequences of America’s failed war on drugs.Image

How to Survive a Plague (2013) 109 minutes. Members of ACT UP fight to provide lifesaving drugs to their community and raise awareness during the outbreak of HIV/AIDS.Lays bare the social consequences of America’s failed war on drugs.

Invisible War (2012) 98 minutes. An expose about sexual assault in the military and the system that perpetuates it.

Kumare (2013) 84 minutes. By posing as a guru, the filmmaker explores the common longing for spiritual guidance.

A Place at the Table (2013) 84 minutes. An exploration of America’s food insecurity and its negative impact on the nation’s most vulnerable.



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