You Said “I need longer library hours”


You Said…

I understand there was funding cuts, but I am really hoping that the hours of the library will eventually go back to closing at 10pm. I am a mom of small children, and I only get over here to work after they are in bed… usually around 8pm. Having the library open til 10 made it possible for me to get my work done. This semester I am struggling.

We Said…

Thank you for sharing your concerns, and we’re really sorry to hear that our reduced hours have negatively impacted your academic performance this year. Several difficult decisions had to be made when the Alberta government unexpectedly cut the post-secondary budget by 7.3% in 2013, and a reduction in library hours was part of that.

Thanks to the feedback from many students and with the support of the Students’ Association, we were able to have part of that funding restored for the 2013-2014 year, allowing us to reinstate Extended Study Hours. The concern around the reduction of library hours during the regular term, outside of the extended study period (near final exam times at the end of Fall and Winter terms) was not strongly expressed by students, so that funding was not reinstated and, to our knowledge, will not be reinstated.

It sounds like this is a very real concern for you. I urge you to contact Martin Cruz, the President of the Students’ Association, to voice your concern and see if they are able and willing to take your concern further. He can be reached by email:, by phone: 403-342-3200, or in person in the SARDC office.


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