“Google” Faster!


Do you use Google? Nodding? Do you use the Site Search trick? No? Well, let us teach you how!

Google allows you to search within a site or a domain. All you need to do is to limit the search using the site: syntax.

What does that mean, exactly? Let us say you are starting your research for a paper you will write on organic produce in Canada. You remember reading something in CBC about organic produce and pesticides, but, you did not copy down the hyperlink for the article.

In this example, you have a few choices. Either you Google organic produce and find about, oh, 52,100,000 results as of March 10th, 2014, or, you add cbc to that search and find about  1,150,000 results – not all of which are actually from cbc.ca.

Now, in all fairness, you might be able to find the result you want. However, if you want to search more precisely and efficiently, there is a third option.

Enter the site: !

The site: allows you to search within a site or domain. In this case, we will use the domain cbc.ca.
We are looking for an article on organic produce. So, we will search Google using organic produce site:cbc.ca

And our results? 3,430. Here, you still have many articles to choose from, and all are from cbc.ca. Also, at least the top five results are all relevant for this example.

To recap …

To search within a site or domain use word/s site:website

This works for many sites and domains: for example .rdc.ab.ca for RDC websites, .gc.ca for Government of Canada websites and .ab.ca for Alberta websites, or specific websites, including Statistics Canada (statcan.gc.ca)

For example:

Climate change site:climate.nasa.gov

Red deer site:statcan.gc.ca

Remember: there is no space between the site: and the website name.

Enjoy searching more effectively with Google! And, visit us in the RDC Library if you have any further questions!


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