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New Streaming Videos at RDC Library – Archival Films & Newsreels Video Collection

September 29, 2014

Films on Demand (Films Media Group) has created a collection of newsreels and archival films on a broad range of interesting topic areas.



This streaming video resource includes newsreels and archival films divided into browseable eras including WWI (1914-1968), Jazz Age & Depression (1919-1938), WWII (1939-1945), and Postwar (1946-1968). Each section is further divided into subject categories such as art, history and politics, business, sciences, etc.


Archival Films & Newsreels Video Collection  contains over 470 full-length videos and 1,500 video clips in the following categories:

  1. Jazz Age & Depression (1919-1938)
  2. Late 20th Century (1969-2000)
  3. Postwar (1946-1968)
  4. Pre-World War I (1888-1913)
  5. World War I (1914-1918)
  6. World War II (1939-1945)


Sample these film classics:

Old Time Comedy Classics (121:00)

Stage and Screen: Time to Remember (30:00)

Mission to Mars (50:00)

Conquering the Cold (03:00)

Nosferatu (81:00)

The Pursuit of Peace: Time to Remember (30:00)

Civilians at War: Time to Remember (30:00)


MLA International Bibliography – What is it?

September 5, 2014

MLA Intern'l Bibliography logo

The MLA International Bibliography contains

  • Listings for more than two million books, articles, and Web sites on literature, language, film, linguistics, rhetoric and composition, new media, cultural studies, folklore, and teaching
  • Languages and literatures from Spanish, French, and German to Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese
  • Indexing back to 1926, with digitization of retrospective print volumes
  • Fully searchable tables of contents for book monographs
  • Coverage of electronic books and journals, as well as scholarly Web sites
  • Publisher abstracts to key journal articles