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You Said “Stay open later on Fridays”

October 30, 2014

You Said:

“please keep the library open later on Friday nights. We’ve been kicked out twice while working on major assignments and it sucks.”

We Said:

We appreciate your feedback on our Friday hours. Our hours of operation are set to benefit the most students possible. Our data shows that, on average 78 people are in the Library at 4:20pm on Fridays as compared to 148 at 4:20pm the rest of the week; while we cannot say for sure how many more people might come into the Library if we were open later than 5pm on Fridays, we know from past experience that the number decreases after 4:20pm. (more…)


You Said “Your site is not user-friendly”

October 14, 2014

You Said…
“Please, please, please make this site user friendly! I have to click 9 times just to get to where I can start my research search! And even then I have to click 6 more times to narrow my search. U of C is one click…


A frustrated student…”

We Said…
We’re sorry that the site is so frustrating to use, and we’re aware that, depending on your starting point, there can be many clicks to actually get to some real content. We’re always striving to improve our website’s usability within our technical constraints, and will take your comments into consideration as we make changes over the coming months.

When we start students on their research we usually recommend going through the Loop. Click on the Library tab and then, in the middle of the page, is the search box, similar to the UofC’s, that allows to you to quickly search for books and articles.

Thanks for sharing your experience and providing feedback.

You Said “Please Have Signs Asking People to Be Quiet”

October 14, 2014

You Said…
“please have signs around the library asking people to chat quietly as it’s not really a “hang out” area. All the loud talking, laughing, and gossiping makes it hard to do homework in the computer area.”

We Said…
The Library Information Common serves many purposes on campus, and one of those purposes is as a social space. This definition of an Information Common may help to clarify: “a place that has a serious learning function, supported by information and technology resources, but in a setting that can be noisy and readily accepts group activities.”

We tolerate a certain level of group interaction and noise. However, if the noise is excessive, please speak to the offending group or approach a staff member who may intervene on your behalf.

Another option is to sign out a laptop to use in our Quiet Study Area on the east side of Floor 2, or in the Quiet Individual Study Room, 2006J.

Libraries Inspire!

October 6, 2014

Featured image

October is Canadian Library Month, and 22,000 libraries across Canada are ready to provide inspiration. In a library you can create, connect, communicate, research, learn, share, and – of course – read. And many Canadians are already doing just that: over 21 million of us have a library card.

The Red Deer College Library is celebrating by showcasing our staff’s favourite reads. You’ll find them displayed upstairs in the library, ready for you to discover your new favourite. Here are a few of the faves. Come to the library & see the rest! (more…)