You Said “Stay open later on Fridays”


You Said:

“please keep the library open later on Friday nights. We’ve been kicked out twice while working on major assignments and it sucks.”

We Said:

We appreciate your feedback on our Friday hours. Our hours of operation are set to benefit the most students possible. Our data shows that, on average 78 people are in the Library at 4:20pm on Fridays as compared to 148 at 4:20pm the rest of the week; while we cannot say for sure how many more people might come into the Library if we were open later than 5pm on Fridays, we know from past experience that the number decreases after 4:20pm.

When RDC’s operating grant was unexpectedly decreased by 7.3%, or $6 million, in spring 2013, we were forced to reduce Library hours, including closing one hour earlier on Fridays. While funding for our hours was partially restored later that year, that restored funding only covered our Extended Hours at the end of term, and did not allow us to restore all lost hours. More information is available on our website.

If you need a place to do group work, there are several spaces on campus available outside library hours (the Forum, the NOVA Chemicals Learning Common, and the Cenovus Energy Learning Common, plus several informal spaces, such as the group rooms and booths outside the Library). If you need access to library resources, the majority of these are available online 24 hours a day/7 days a week – talk to library staff if you need assistance accessing resources outside our library hours.

Thank you for sharing your concern.
Kristine Plastow, Chief Librarian



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