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Libraries, Archives & Museums world-wide contribute to Shared Shelf Commons

December 9, 2014

What is Shared Shelf Commons? It is a free, open-access library of images and multimedia files, developed and hosted by Artstor. Search and browse collections with tools to zoom, print, export, and share images.

An impressive number of images ranging from great works of art from world-famous galleries and museum collections to bookplates donated to library Special Collections can be found in Shared Shelf Commons (SSC). In addition to images, SSC currently has over 170,000 multimedia files, including streaming video and streaming audio, that are freely available to the global community. For example, this silent film travelogue documentary provides a glimpse into the past: Travelogues: Washington, DC

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Shared Shelf Commons also has a mobile site where Apple and Android device users can search, browse, and view images. SSC mobile is open to anyone with a mobile device – it is not necessary to have an account. Access the site with your mobile device.

Welcome to Shared Shelf Commons!