You Said: “the computer area is ridiculously noisy”


You Said:

“I feel that everyone should be encouraged to be quiet in the computer area. If they are going to talk it should be QUIETLY and pertaining to the assignment they are working on. This behaviour of hanging out in the library and laughing loudly with friends is unacceptable and should be strongly discouraged. I wear sound cancelling ear buds and I can still hear people laughing and talking loudly. Ridiculous.”

We Said:

Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to hear that the computer area has been so noisy lately.

The Library Information Common serves many purposes on campus, and one of those purposes is as a social space. This definition of an Information Common may help to clarify: “a place that has a serious learning function, supported by information and technology resources, but in a setting that can be noisy and readily accepts group activities.”

As you may know, we tolerate a certain level of group interaction and noise. However, if the noise is excessive, please speak to the offending group or approach a staff member who may intervene on your behalf.

Another option is to sign out a laptop to use in our Quiet Study Area on the east side of Floor 2, or in the Quiet Individual Study Room, 2006J.



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