RDC Library & the School of Education


RDC Library & the School of Education

Of course, RDC Library supports education and learning of all kinds, but the Library also houses some unique items for the School of Education (Bachelor of Education-Middle Years, Early Learning & Child Care, Educational Assistant, and Transitional Vocational Program).

You may have noticed our Curriculum Collection at the top of the 2nd floor stairs. This collection includes items that are part of Alberta Education’s authorized resources, a selection of children’s literature, as well as some interesting kits and language-learning materials. Check out:

Any RDC Library patron may borrow Curriculum materials. And did you know Central Alberta school teachers and Central Alberta high school students can get a free membership?

To support Early Learning & Child Care, we also have a toy collection, located on the 2nd floor in the video/media section. Browsing works best (and is the most fun!) for discovering these items.

Both the Transitional Vocational and EA programs enjoy using videos to connect with students; while in the video/media section, check out some of their recent selections:

After browsing in that area, stop by the adjacent N350 to N365 section, which houses Art Education titles to support both ELCC and the B.Ed. program, including:

Beyond the physical collection, the School of Education also has education-specific online article databases (e.g., Education Research Complete), as well as e-books accessible anytime:

Our Library Desk staff are happy to help you locate any of these items, or to discover more online start with our Library Catalogue, Subject Guides, or just Ask Us!

RDC Library provides learner-centred resources and services to all students, staff, and faculty, as well as our community. For more information, please contact Yvonne Phillips, Librarian for the School of Education.


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