Student Feedback: Some Technology Concerns


You Said:

“Just wanted to make a formal complaint about a couple things:

1) Its rather difficult to forward RDC emails to personal emails. I tried at home, at the computers at the library, called IT and finally figured out how to do once I spoke with a librarian. Even then, we have to use their specific computers with a specific browser. Its a bit of pain, especially considering some of my courses rely completely on my RDC email, not Blackboard.

2) From my understanding, if a student connects to the RDC free wifi on their devices, as long as we are connected to that wifi, our emails wont be uploaded. This is a problem for students such as myself who rely on regular emails pertaining to work, courses, and other discussions.

If this is not the appropriate place to lodge these complaints, please pass this message along to the correct group.

Thank you for your time. ”

We Said:

Thank you for your message. While the Library is a place where students can get help with technology, you’re correct that we’re not “the owner” of these decisions or solutions. However, we certainly don’t mind collecting your feedback and passing it along to IT Services. If you wish to follow up, visit them in Room 814, email them at, or phone them at 403.342.3580.


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