Fair Dealing Week 2016


(by RDC Chief Librarian Kristine Plastow)

Fair Dealing Week (and Fair Use Week in the United States) 2016 is taking place February 22 – 26. Fair dealing is an exception under the Copyright Act which allows the use of copyrighted materials (in any format) without permission for the purposes of research, private study, parody, satire, criticism, review, news reporting, and, most importantly in our context, education. This exception allows for copying limited portions of a work, not outright copying of complete works. Please see our Copyright Guide for specifics around what is allowed.

Check out Fair Dealing Canada to learn more about fair dealing, see examples in action and read stories of how this exception is used in educational institutions across the country. You can also tell your story about how you use fair dealing in your work or studies.

To see what is happening in the United States around Fair Use (a similar exception under their copyright law), check out Fair Use Week.

Follow #fairuseweek2016 on Twitter.


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