Need Images for a Project or Class? These Ones are Free!


Did you know not every cute cat gif or perfectly relevant meme you find on the internet is free for you to use whenever you want? Technically someone owns the copyright to those images and might not want you to share their work without permission or sometimes even payment.


Creative Commons recently launched a prototype of its new search engine, CC Search, which which will assist you in finding images that are free for you to use without having to ask for permission or pay the creator.

Images that are found using CC Search are created under creative commons licenses, which means that you are able to use these images for free and sometimes even adapt them or use them for commercial purposes. The only hitch? Please indicate who created the original image. CC Search even helps you do this for each and every image with their attribution button, so you can attribute an image just like this:

“[Music Library, Users reading.]” by New York Public Library is licensed under CC0 1.0


How does it work?

Simply indicate how you plan on using the images you find by checking off a couple boxes, then start searching just like you would on Google.

A word of advice: When using any image, no matter where you found it, always confirm that the image was provided/uploaded by the rights holder. Not sure? Ask a librarian!

Happy searching!




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