NASA’s New Software Catalog is Here!


At the beginning of the month, NASA released its 2017-2018 software catalog. The catalog is free for the public to use without needing to worry about copyright.

“Space Wallpapers” by tableatny is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By releasing this catalog, NASA is making it easier for you to used the latest software available and currently used by the American government agency.

Not into space? Don’t leave just yet!

Even though NASA is dedicated to the study of space and aeronautics, there is software in a range of categories from business systems and project management, to environmental science, dataservers processing and handling, and design and integration tools!

A sampling of the software included in the catalog this year is:

Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT) 5.0“: used for schedule management developed to work with Microsoft Project’s scheduling application.

Engineering DOUG Graphics for Exploration (EDGE)“: a real-time 3D graphics rendering package, adapted for the purpose of simulation outputs.

‘Worldview’ satellite imagery browsing and downloading tool“: a software tool for browsing and downloading imagery from NASA’s Earth observing satellites (available within 4 hours of capture).

Happy exploring!




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