The Innovator’s Mindset


“Innovation starts not by providing answers but by asking questions.” – George Couros

The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity by educator George Couros explores innovation and creativity from a teaching and learning perspective.

Expanding on Carol Dweck’s concept of growth mindset where “students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching, and persistence” (p. 32), Couros explains the innovator’s mindset as “the belief that abilities, intelligence, and talents are developed so that they lead to the creation of new and better ideas” (p. 33).


Couros asserts that all educators should embrace an innovator’s mindset, and identifies eight key characteristics of this mindset.

“If we want innovative students, we need innovative educators.” George Couros

Throughout the book, Couros provides anecdotes, examples, and essential questions around creating a culture of innovation in learning. Each chapter closes with discussion questions that lend themselves to opportunities for conversation with colleagues and self-reflection.
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The Innovator’s Mindset is the current selection for the Quiet Book Club, an initiative of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). All RDC students, staff, and faculty are invited to join us at our next meeting to share how the book has impacted you personally or professionally.

Quiet Book Club
January (date tbd) from 12-1 pm
Location: tbd

The Innovator’s Mindset is part of the RDC Library Collection.
It will also soon be available for purchase in the RDC Campus Store.

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