You Said: “Please investigate the distracting noise in 2006B”


You Said: “In study room 2006B (upstairs) there is a beeping noise that consistently goes off no matter what time of day it is. It sounds like it’s coming from the side of the wall with no other study rooms on it. Either way, it’s super distracting.”

We Said: 
Thank you for reporting this issue. We checked it out and also heard the persistent beeping noise, and it is indeed coming from room 2006A, which is a secure storage room. We think the noise is coming from the security system. We will work with our campus maintenance folks to ensure this is fixed. Sorry for the distraction and inconvenience.


2 Responses to “You Said: “Please investigate the distracting noise in 2006B””

  1. Michelle Says:

    Speaking of noisy distracting classrooms… 2304, in the far right corner after walking through the door, above the screen by the window, it is super loud in there!

    • Anne Marie Watson Says:

      Thanks Michelle! While 2304 is not a library space, I appreciate that you have no other mechanism to report this issue. I’ll try to find someone to look into this maintenance issue, as well.

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