In Search of April Raintree


Quiet Book Club Meeting – Everyone welcome!
Date: June 6, 2018 from 12-1 pm
Location: Library (meet near front doors)

“Oh, I’ve read about Indians. Beautiful people they are. But you’re not exactly Indians, are you? What’s the proper word for people like you?” one asked. — (In Search of April Raintree p. 117)

In Search of April Raintree Book Cover, 25th Anniversary EditionMarking the month of June as Indigenous Book Club Month and in recognition of National Aboriginal History Month, we invite you to join us in reading In Search of April Raintree, a novel by by Manitoba-born Beatrice Culleton Mosionier.

April Raintree has been critically praised as an important piece of literature that explores the relationship and bond between two Métis sisters: “The powerful and moving life stories of two Métis sisters who suffer the breakdown of their family relations and the injustices of the social services system.” It has been a past selection of CBC’s Indigenous Reads Book Club.

The theme of identity is one of several themes explored throughout the novel; April is ashamed of being Métis while her sister, Cheryl, embraces it.

“I can’t accept being a Metis. That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever said to you, Cheryl. And I’m glad that you don’t feel the same way I do… But to me, being a Metis means I’m one of the have-nots… I’m different from you… You have to do what you believe is right for you, but I have to go my way… I’ll always be there if you need me (p. 111).”

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In Search of April Raintree, or April Raintree, is the current selection for the Quiet Book Club, an initiative of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). All RDC students, staff, and faculty are invited to join us at our next meeting to share how the book has impacted you personally or professionally:

Quiet Book Club
Date: June 6, 2018 from 12-1 pm
Location: Library (meet near front doors)

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