Robot-Proof: Higher Education In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence


“An education for the digital age needs to focus not just on technology and understanding what technology can do but also on what it cannot do—at least for now and perhaps never.”

Robot-Proof p . 48
Robot-Proof book cover: robotic hand holding butterfly
is in the RDC
Library collection

Robot-Proof: Higher Education In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence explores the impact of artificial intelligence on higher education.

Author Joseph E. Aoun, President of Northeastern University, presents a framework for a new discipline, humanics—encompassing new literacies of human literacy, data literacy, and technological literacy as well as cognitive capacities of systems thinking, entrepreneurship, and cultural agility—“which builds on our innate strengths and prepares students to compete in a labor market in which smart machines work alongside human professionals.” (Aoun p. xviii).

Alongside these literacies and capacities, Aoun discusses how creativity, experiential learning, and a growth mindset are essential in becoming “robot-proof.”  

Robot-Proof: Higher Education In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence by Joseph E. Aoun is the current selection for the Quiet Book Club, an initiative of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

The selection of this book is inspired by the upcoming second annual CTL Teaching and Learning Symposium which explores the theme of Artificial Intelligence and the impact on post-secondary.

All RDC students, staff, and faculty are invited to join us at our next meeting to share how the book has impacted you personally or professionally:

Quiet Book Club Meeting – Everyone welcome!
Date: March 27, 2019 from 12-1 pm
Location: 913D

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