RDC Library Collection


To meet the needs of students and faculty, RDC Library provides a collection of physical and electronic resources. Resources are chosen by librarians, in consultation with faculty where appropriate. The Library obtains information in the most suitable format based on availability and user needs; electronic format is preferred where it provides obvious advantages, such as remote access (from off-campus) or access by multiple users.

The entire collection is actually made up of several distinct parts:

Main Collection
This is the major part of our collection. It includes resources such as print books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, print and online journals (both scholarly and popular), and streaming videos.

Leisure Reading Collection
Fiction and non-fiction intended to encourage and facilitate a culture of leisure reading at RDC.

Curriculum Collection
The Curriculum Collection primarily supports teacher education programs and courses in the RDC School of Education. This collection has materials authorized by the Government of Alberta for use in Alberta schools, plus supporting materials, children’s and young adult literature, and non-book items such as sound and video recordings, games, manipulatives, models, and kits.

Reserve Collection
Reserves are high-demand items available for short-term loans, such as select textbooks and course-specific readings, laptops, and other equipment.

RDC Authors Collection
Materials written or produced by RDC faculty, staff, and students are actively acquired by the Library. You can find these items on our shelves by looking for the red “Red Deer College Authors” sticker.

The RDC Library collection is also available to members of the Central Alberta community through memberships and partnerships, and to the larger library community through resource sharing agreements.

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