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Changes in the Library for Fall 2020

July 2, 2020

With the Government of Alberta provincial budget in spring of this year, RDC’s Campus Alberta operating grant was reduced by 2.4% in year for 19/20, and then another 7.4%, for a total of $5.3 million, which has affected RDC’s 2020/2021 budget. That has impacted the Library in these ways.

We will reduce our regular hours during the academic year by not opening on Saturday mornings. Instead of being open 9:00am-5:00pm, our Saturday hours will be 12:00pm-5:00pm during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

This time period was chosen based on data collected over the past several years. We know that Saturday morning is our least busy time of the week, in terms of people using the library and people requesting assistance from library staff. Choosing that time period to close the library will have the least impact on students.

Due to COVID-19, the Makerspace has been closed since March 16, 2020. As a result of the 2020/2021 budget reductions, the Makerspace will not be reopening.

Some pieces of equipment, such as the button maker and video cameras, will be available for borrowing from the Library Desk. Other pieces of equipment, such as the 3D printers and the laser machine, will be unavailable for the foreseeable future, but may eventually become available through other departments on campus.

There will be no access to the Makerspace multimedia computers. Students, faculty, and staff, will continue to have access to the multimedia computers on the Main Floor of the Library.

There will be no access to the Makerspace location (2006F), including the studio (2006G) and collaboration room (2006H).

Peer Tutoring
There will be changes to the Peer Tutoring program. Details regarding these changes have not been finalized, and may not be in place for the beginning of the Fall term. We will share more information when it is available.

These decisions were not made lightly. We recognize how they affect our students, faculty, and staff, and the wider community who use our space and access our services. However, we are confident that these difficult decisions are the right ones to ensure long-term sustainability.

NEOS – Blacklight Search Interface

February 12, 2019

What is Blacklight?

Blacklight is a new user interface for the NEOS Catalogue which aims to improve the user experience.

It is currently being beta tested and we would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

What’s Different?

The layout for each item record has now changed. The location of an item is now displayed on the right side and the place hold button is now located on the upper left side. A comparison of the new and old layout can be seen below.

Tips and Tricks

Citing an item
Blacklight includes a citation generator, but always double check the generated citations against the appropriate standard.

Institution vs. Library
Some institutions, such as the University of Alberta, have more than one library on campus. This limiter works to restrict searches to only libraries associated with a particular institution. At Red Deer College searching by library will be the most appropriate.

Clicking on “Place Hold” will open a new tab. Return to your Blacklight search by selecting the NEOS tab in the browser.

 Access Limiters

  • At Library: is the equivalent of on a shelf (not necessarily available) and indicates any physical format such as: book, video (DVD), sound recording (CD) etc. 
  • Online: electronic resource (eBook,  streaming video)
  • Format > Book: = (eBook/Internet AND monograph) if you want to limit your search to books only (electronic and physical) use the Format > Book. If you only want physical books use Format > Book combined with At Library
  • Electronic Format (eBook/Internet): if you want eBooks select Format >Book combined with Online. This search will eliminate streaming videos.

Expert Search Advice

  • Create short, simple searches with just a few terms. Use the filters (on the More Options or search results page) to limit the results.

  • You can still use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), but only on the More Options page. (Note that Boolean operators must be in all capitals.)

As you use the new search, please send feedback to NEOS!

Library Information Common services during Reading Break 2019

February 7, 2019

RDC will have an extended Reading Break due to the Canada Winter Games, Feb. 15 to Mar. 3, 2019.

The Library Information Common will be open regular hours during Reading Break (except closed for Family Day: Mon., Feb. 18), and most services will be offered as usual. Connect with the Library Information Common in person, by live chat, by phone, by text message, and by email.

Open; all services available (research help; citation help; technology help; faculty and copyright support; library collection)

Closed Feb. 15 to Mar. 1
Open Mar. 2 & 3

Academic Support

Disability Resources
Open; check appointment availability or drop in

Research Common
Open; check the drop-in office hours

DSB Service Desk

NEOS 101 – What it is and how to access

February 5, 2019

What can NEOS do for you?

NEOS is a consortium of 17 libraries in northern and central Alberta. You can use the NEOS Catalogue to search for books, specific RDC collections (e.g., Curriculum), or limit your search to a specific NEOS Library (e.g., Olds College). Staff, students and faculty of Red Deer College can borrow most library materials from other NEOS libraries.

Books, CDs and select videos belonging to NEOS libraries, including those of the University of Alberta, are listed in the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue.

To access NEOS content you need the 13-digit barcode number from your iCard and your 4-digit NEOS PIN. If you don’t know your PIN, you can request it be sent to your RDC email.

What is the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue?

Students, staff and faculty of Red Deer College can borrow books, CDs, and select videos from other NEOS libraries. All items can be located through the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue. The NEOS Catalogue can be accessed from the RDC Library website.

How do I request an item from another NEOS library?

When you find an item you would like to borrow from another NEOS library, request the item by clicking the “Place Hold” button. You’ll need your 13-digit barcode (form your iCard) and your NEOS PIN to complete the request. Choose Red Deer College as the pickup location, and you’ll receive an email when the item is available for you to pick up from RDC Library.

Can I visit other NEOS libraries and borrow items?

Yes! Simply show your iCard and you will be able to borrow items (some exceptions may apply). You can also return items to other NEOS Libraries.

Member Libraries:

How long can I borrow items?

The standard loan period for borrowing from other NEOS Libraries is two weeks with the possibility of up to two 2-week renewals. If another user has placed a hold on the item you will not be able to renew it.

How long does it take for an item to arrive once it has been requested?

Items will become available for pickup from the RDC Library Desk in approximately 2-5 working days (i.e. Monday – Friday). You will receive an email (to your RDC email account) when the item is available for pickup. If you don’t pick it up within 5 days, the item will be returned to the original library.

Why can’t I access certain e-books?

Most publishers’ license agreements restrict access to electronic content to a particular library’s members, or primary users. For example, if you are a Red Deer College student, you can freely access Red Deer College e-books but will not be able to access University of Alberta e-books. Ownership of the electronic resource is displayed in the NEOS catalogue. Look for items marked “Red Deer College Access” or “Free Access.”

What other types of items can I access beyond academic resources?

Through NEOS you have access to a range of material including DVDs, fiction books, children’s books and graphic novels. Start searching and explore what is available!

Inclusion and Diversity Survey

February 1, 2019

The Library is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all learners. Unfortunately, racism, homophobia, and transphobia still exist in the world, including on our own campus. We care about making sure that every student can access all Library services, resources, and spaces without fear of judgement or discrimination.

If you identify as being from a visible minority and/or being part of the LGBTQ+ community, we want to hear from you. The Library’s Inclusion and Diversity Survey is your opportunity to tell us what your experience has been like in the Library. The survey has seven questions, and all responses will be anonymous. With your input, we can make necessary changes to our environment in order to better serve you.

Students say Library hours help them succeed

January 31, 2019

RDC students consistently identify the Library’s great hours of operation as a factor in their success (from RDC Completer Study data). Here’s some information about our hours of operation, including some facts about our popular Long Night Against Procrastination.

About our Space and How it’s Used

January 4, 2019

A combined study and social space, RDC’s Library Information Common provides a variety of spaces for collaboration and group work, as well as individual and quiet study spaces. Here’s some information about our space and how our students used it in 2017/18.

How the Library Information Common space is used by our students

RDC celebrates Science Literacy Week 2016

September 8, 2016

Science Literacy Week, celebrated across Canada from September 19-25, 2016, showcases the excellence and diversity of Canadian science outreach institutions and highlights our outstanding scientists and science communicators.

Science Literacy Week Logo_FINAL-01RDC Library joins over 100 partners across Canada in this celebration. We’re so excited that we’re celebrating Science Literacy Week not just for a week, but for the whole month of September! Check out our themed book display on Floor 2 and our posts on our various social media accounts.

The Science Literacy website has a guide to great ideas and great writers; a look into the minds of some of the most engaging and important scientists of all time. Check out the list of interesting and thought-provoking books, blogs, websites, and podcasts for you to explore. Most of the books are available in our library (check out the display on Floor 2) or we can bring them in for you via our interlibrary loan service.



New Leisure Reading Collection coming together

August 15, 2016

File_000 (3)In March we told you about our Reading Culture task team and the scientifically proven benefits of reading, and invited you to submit suggestions for books you’d like to see included in our new Leisure Reading Collection. We heard from a LOT of you, and we’ve ordered several new books.

The Leisure Reading Collection will be on Floor 2 near the elevators. We’ve placed some comfortable furniture in the space and have relocated our paperback collection there. Some spiffy new shelving units have been ordered for all the new books that are arriving daily. In the meantime, borrow a paperback or check out one of the brand new books which are currently on display near our Library Desk.

It’s not too late to suggest titles for this collection; use this form if you’d like to do that.


Reading @ RDC

March 15, 2016

It’s no surprise that the Library loves books, but did you know that reading can have a positive impact on your health, happiness, and academic success?

Research shows that readers will likely have higher incomes, donate more to charity in both time and money, stay healthier, and be happier than non-readers. Plus, reading reduces stress up to 600% more than playing a video game (take that Call of Duty!), enhances empathy, and improves cognitive abilities. See the research from Canada’s National Reading Campaign here, and check out the infographic below.

The Library wants all RDC staff, students & faculty to enjoy these benefits, so we’ve created a Reading Culture team to help grow a movement of leisure reading at Red Deer College. Our goal is to gather a supply of books to read just for pleasure, create a space where everyone can enjoy them, and develop an atmosphere that supports and promotes reading for fun.

So tell us, what do you want to read? The latest novel from your favourite author? An exciting new memoir? Complete this form, and your suggestions will help us create a collection that will get RDC reading!

reading infographic