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“I suggested a book, what happens next?”

December 15, 2016

We launched our Leisure Reading Collection in May, but that was just the beginning! Since then, we have continued to ask for and receive book suggestions from students, staff, and faculty.

But how do we decide which suggestions are added to the collection? Below is a peek into our vetting process which may give you insight into why some books made it to our shelve and why others didn’t.

First, most suggestions DO get added! Some recent additions include:

If we have more suggestions than our budget allows, those titles are given priority next time we place an order, which was the case for Sense and sensibility and sea monsters by Ben Winters and Alliance of equals by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.


Light therapy lamps available for student use

September 23, 2016

Light therapy lamps, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Lamps, mimic outdoor natural light. Late fall and winter months in Canada tend to lack sunshine, which can affect individuals in different ways, including lowering mood, decreasing energy and over-sleeping.

light therapy lamps available at RDC libraryExposure to light that mimics sunlight is believed to alter brain chemicals that moderate mood, helping to relieve feelings of fatigue, anxiety, low mood, and loss of motivation that can commonly occur during the winter months. In as little as 20-30 minutes a day, symptoms can be relieved by using light therapy.

The Students’ Association of RDC has provided two light therapy lamps for use by RDC students. The lamps are available for 2-hour loan from RDC Library, for use anywhere on campus.


The Value of Reading

September 16, 2016

JSTOR Daily recently had an interesting article on the increasing value medical schools are placing on reading and narrative. The article explores the various reasons medical schools are starting to integrate literature into their curricula, including the fact that it can help doctors better understand their patients and it can increase empathy.

This move by medical schools backs up a lot of the work being done by the National Reading Coalition, who are working hard to get schools to place a greater emphasis on reading for pleasure.

Interested in incorporating a little more non-academic reading into your own life?  Check out the Library’s new Leisure Reading collection and space.

Interested in reading more from JSTOR?  You can subscribe to their newsletter.

Happy reading!

RDC celebrates Science Literacy Week 2016

September 8, 2016

Science Literacy Week, celebrated across Canada from September 19-25, 2016, showcases the excellence and diversity of Canadian science outreach institutions and highlights our outstanding scientists and science communicators.

Science Literacy Week Logo_FINAL-01RDC Library joins over 100 partners across Canada in this celebration. We’re so excited that we’re celebrating Science Literacy Week not just for a week, but for the whole month of September! Check out our themed book display on Floor 2 and our posts on our various social media accounts.

The Science Literacy website has a guide to great ideas and great writers; a look into the minds of some of the most engaging and important scientists of all time. Check out the list of interesting and thought-provoking books, blogs, websites, and podcasts for you to explore. Most of the books are available in our library (check out the display on Floor 2) or we can bring them in for you via our interlibrary loan service.



New Leisure Reading Collection coming together

August 15, 2016

File_000 (3)In March we told you about our Reading Culture task team and the scientifically proven benefits of reading, and invited you to submit suggestions for books you’d like to see included in our new Leisure Reading Collection. We heard from a LOT of you, and we’ve ordered several new books.

The Leisure Reading Collection will be on Floor 2 near the elevators. We’ve placed some comfortable furniture in the space and have relocated our paperback collection there. Some spiffy new shelving units have been ordered for all the new books that are arriving daily. In the meantime, borrow a paperback or check out one of the brand new books which are currently on display near our Library Desk.

It’s not too late to suggest titles for this collection; use this form if you’d like to do that.


New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

May 5, 2016

It’s been a while since we posted about new words being added to the Oxford English Dictionary.  The OED, which bills itself as “the definitive record of the English language” is cool because it’s a historical dictionary; it contains not only the current definition and usage of a word, but also tells you where it originated and how its meaning has shifted over time.  It’s also updated quarterly so that it stays current with words such as “bro-hug.”

Check out the new words list and the notes explaining the new words.  And if all of this is really exciting to you, consider signing up for the OED Word of the Day, delivered to you by email (you’ll see the link on the right side of their website).

Reading @ RDC

March 15, 2016

It’s no surprise that the Library loves books, but did you know that reading can have a positive impact on your health, happiness, and academic success?

Research shows that readers will likely have higher incomes, donate more to charity in both time and money, stay healthier, and be happier than non-readers. Plus, reading reduces stress up to 600% more than playing a video game (take that Call of Duty!), enhances empathy, and improves cognitive abilities. See the research from Canada’s National Reading Campaign here, and check out the infographic below.

The Library wants all RDC staff, students & faculty to enjoy these benefits, so we’ve created a Reading Culture team to help grow a movement of leisure reading at Red Deer College. Our goal is to gather a supply of books to read just for pleasure, create a space where everyone can enjoy them, and develop an atmosphere that supports and promotes reading for fun.

So tell us, what do you want to read? The latest novel from your favourite author? An exciting new memoir? Complete this form, and your suggestions will help us create a collection that will get RDC reading!

reading infographic



More feedback on citation guides

October 15, 2015

You Said…

“The lack of examples for citations on the library website is very frustrating. Also I have lost marks for my grade because I followed what was on the website. My teacher said there were supposed to be hanging indents but as your example didn’t show them, I didn’t use them. I don’t think this is very good for us first year students who are unfamiliar with the proper ways to cite things.”

We Said…

Based on student and faculty feedback, we have continued to make improvements to our citation guides. We have solved the technical difficulties, and you will be pleased to know that the examples now show the proper formatting (i.e. hanging indent and double spacing).

We must stress, however, that our tools are to be used only as a first step; you should always check the citation manual (we have copies of the manuals for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles at our library desk) and/or with your instructor. The manual is the authority, but some instructors use modified formats of their preferred citation styles; since they are the ones marking your paper, they have the final say.

If you have any questions about research or citation, please contact the library by phone, email, chat, SMS text, or in person.

Streaming from RDC Library – Associated Press Video Collection

August 10, 2015

Now RDC Library has access to more current, very relevant, news stories. EBSCO streams high-interest video content from Associated Press (AP), the world’s leading news agency. The videos include primary source footage and editorially produced videos.


You can find and view these streaming videos through RDC Library’s OneSearch, as well as other EBSCO databases. When you search a topic, a carousel of AP videos related to your search terms may display in the result list. Containing footage from 1930 to the present and updated monthly, this collection of approximately 60,000 videos covers a variety of topics.

Users can find videos about current and historical events; famous people including political leaders, celebrities and athletes; as well as videos related to art, music, literature, science and technology.

**NOTE: persistent links to AP Videos are not available at this time. Only text associated with the Video Detail Record can be printed, emailed or saved. The video itself cannot be emailed, saved or shared.

About AP: “Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings.” – website

Keeping Up Over the Summer

April 26, 2015

A number of cool tools have come out recently to help you stay up-to-date in your field.  Check them out:

  • BrowZine – a very cool app that allows you to read the journals RDC Library subscribes to on your mobile device. Check out the videos here, or go here to get started on your own device.
  • Sciencescape – a new tool developed by a University of Toronto grad student to help scientists keep up with what’s happening in biomedical research.  Check out the press release for this “Twitter for science” here, or take a tour here.
  • JSTOR Daily – A new online magazine from the people behind the enormous archive of scholarly articles.  Subscribe to weekly feature articles and daily blog posts in the areas of Arts & Cultures, Business & Economics, Politics & History, Science & Environment, and Education & Tech.

If you have any questions about these, or any of the other Current Awareness tools available to you through RDC Library, please contact your School Librarian.

Happy reading!